Quality and warranty are always present on all our doors.

Fire Doors are made of a metallic construction and have a fire resistance grade of 60 minutes.


Built with two galvanised steek sheets – 0,6 mm thick – pre-lacquered in white Pyrenee colour or PVC coated Oak/Beech. The door leaf is 55mm thick, with a 21mm width and 2,4 mm thick edge.


The interior of the door is composed by a combination of thermal and fire insulation materials – rockwool – providing the door with fire resistance abilities.


Each leaf has two hinges made of 3mm galvanised steel, equipped with a self-closing spring system.


The hinge allows a simple adjustment in height. The hinge pins turn over ball bearing rollers, allowing the door to operate smoothly.


MAGMA / OLIMPO – Two versions of the same door having the first one an irreversible opening, and the second one a reversible opening.


The frame is made of 1,5 mm thick galvanised steel sheet with a white pyrenee powder coating finish. The frame installation is made using three steel anchors to be installed on a brick wall, or screwing it onto the sub-frame.


The PVC coated door frame colour is brown.


Protected against the hot smoke passage – Intumescent seal.


Our fire door set has been certified according to European norms



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