About Us



About Us


Portrisa - Doors Industry , SA is a company whose main activity is the production , marketing and Security Doors assembly , Doors Firewall , and Multipurpose doors .


A team of professionals aims to contribute to the quality , safety and well -being of consumers through the development of appropriate and customized products, covering the whole of the needs of those who use them .


We have a door production line which made our product a quality reference both in the Portuguese market and the international market , the main exporting countries Spain, France , England , Venezuela, Angola , Morocco, and Tunisia.


In activity in the Portuguese market since March 1, 2003, Portrisa was born following a project already started some years before.


An increase in demand for our products and services has led us to the opening in 2005 of a branch in the Algarve, we expanded ourselves in 2007 to Angola, 2008 to Mozambique, and to Poland in 2009.


Currently with a large production area, supported by top technology, we use the most sophisticated production systems.


In order to increase our production capacity, we built in Leiria a new production unit, fully modernized, with more than 26000m2 - covered area 10000m2.

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